Saturday, April 4, 2009

12. Read 10 Clive Cussler Books

Goal 12. Read 10 Clive Cussler Books [1/10]

Clive Cussler is one of my favourite authors

3rd: I picked up 7 Cussler books from a School fair!! - so now its just 'choose one' & read it!

Treasure of Khan - A Dirk Pitt Story
Typical Clive Cussler story telling at its best - he really is a master story teller!

This book reaches back in history to Genghis Khan-the greatest conqueror of all time, who, at his peak, ruled an empire that stretched from the Pacific Ocean to the Caspian Sea. His conquests are the stuff of legend, his tomb a forgotten mystery.

When Dirk Pitt is nearly killed rescuing an oil survey team from a freak wave
on Russia's Lake Baikal, it appears a simple act of nature. When the survey team is abducted and Pitt's research vessel nearly sunk, however, it's obvious there's something more sinister involved. All trails lead to Mongolia, and a mysterious mogul who is conducting covert
deals for supplying oil to the Chinese while wreaking havoc on global oil markets utilizing
a secret technology.

The Mongolian harbors a dream of restoring the conquests of his ancestors, and holds a dark
secret about Genghis Khan that just might give him the wealth and power to make that
dream come true.

naaku noa

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