Sunday, March 22, 2009

45. - 50. Complete my PhD

Update: July 6 2010
Got my DRAFT back from my supervisors - i have work to do!!

Update: June 28 2010

I handed in my first draft on June 1 and my second draft on June 10!!
NOW - am waiting for comments to come back to me from my supervisors - hopefully by the end of this month which is in 4 days - THEN i will make final changes and hand it in for examination!!


Now here's a tough one!!

GOAL: - - - > To Complete my PhD

So where to now?

At the moment i am writing a "Positional Chapter" - this will end up being the introduction to my thesis. Here is where i create a window for those who read my PhD to view my research from my perspective - make any sense?

This is where i make a stand & create a 'position' as a researcher - as a Maori researcher - this is about how i undertook the research totally within the context of my world-view; an Indigenous person 'viewing' of the information i gathered together & blended with modern information technology & techniques (GIS)

Where am i with this chapter?
It was tough kicking this one off - i thought i had it in the bag 2 weeks ago - but when i started reading the literature i was LOST - then i bumped into a friend of mine who has a PhD & is pursuing a PostDoc - & she was writing a similar piece for her research! That short meet-up inspired me & i began writing that very day - & kept on writing!!

So, where am i with this chapter? I have an idea where i need to go with it & i need to set aside a huge block of time in the coming week & write around 5 or 6000 words!

hmmm maybe, just head down and bum up!

-naaku noa -

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