Saturday, May 2, 2009

GOAL 55: Attend an Indigenous Mapping Conference

Kia ora tatou!
Update: 13 June 2009
I arrived into Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA this morning local time 9am to attend the Indigenous Mapping Conference hosted by the Oneida Nation!!

I was in LA last night working on my presentation at the International Terminal!!

naaku noa

May 2009
On the 13 June 2009, i fly out from Auckland, NZ to Wisconsin, USA to attend the Indigenous Mapping Conference!!

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I will be presenting a paper on Monday 15th June!! (Hauiti)

Here is a little about the conference:
The purpose of the gathering is threefold:
1. Share GIS/mapping stories and solutions
2. Strengthen and expand upon existing and upcoming Tribal GIS/mapping networks
3. Promote discussion and interaction between Tribal people interested in mapping/GIS technologies

Our goal is to assemble Indigenous/Tribal speakers and others working with Indigenous communities who want to bring these discussions to the table:

Successful integration of mapping/GIS/planning infrastructure
Mapping strategies for communicating importance of cultural landscapes
Building/Strengthening regional/federal/international mapping networks

Cultural cartographic practices including storytelling, singing, and dancing
Using geospatial technologies to identify/evaluate the vulnerability of environmental resources

Cultural knowledge systems including medicine
Cultural sites including sacred sites of rituals and profane sites of cultural significance
Land rights

Naaku noa
Hauiti (24retoa)

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