Friday, March 20, 2009

74. Talk to 500 new people

GOAL Number 74 on my list: - - > Talk to 500 new people face-to-face!

Update: (14/500)

20th: (2)
Met a guy at the gym this morning from Nebraska - had a yarn to him about his workout! Found out he came here for a holiday & liked the place so much he decided to come back as a student at Otago University, Dunedin New Zealand - he is doing a Bachelors in Political Science

Same day, few hours later i met Steve who is doing a Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) at Otago University. It turns out that he is quite the Entrepreneur! He has his own company & runs a Trust (Non-profit organisation) which is looking at collecting & archiving music - at the moment he is looking at a project for archiving Indigenous (Maori) music!

23rd: (1)
Went to the local art gallery to see a new exhibition entitled Te Huringa - my grandmother was one of the subjects as was her grandfather!

Anyway, i had a talk to the receptionist about the exhibition!

24th (2)
On my way to the Bill Library i came across a couple of artists drawing with charcoal so i stopped for a talk & to see what they were drawing. One lady was drawing a bicycle in negative space the other was drawing the hedge!! Short talk but good!

25th (2)
I met 2 fascinating people today -well actually i met 5 people, but two i had extended conversations with!

FIRST: i was invited to view the beta version of a 'new site' - Entrepreneurial (social) networking site for Maori Entrepreneurs - & of course i got to play around on it - absolutely fascinating idea! VERY KOOL!!

So, i met the programmer & had a good yarn to him - Terry is his name - & he is one very smart cookie!!

SECOND: about an hour + half i met with a mature 3rd year PhD student (archeology) - we had a hot chocolate at Eureka, a local eatery within the University - fascinating woman - Moira. - another smart cookie - GIS, Mapping, Indigenous peoples - we had a talk mainly about our unique experiences with iwi Maori & mapping tribunal claims!

Had a good look around her lab - & as it turns out she is about to do some mapping for an iwi in the North Island of NZ

28th (1)
I met a fascinating lady today!!
I had just rolled out of my morning workout at the gym when i received a text to come & have a 'Bowen' session! So, away i went to the kohanga - now there were two people: Will & Tonia. They were both trained in the 'Bowen technique' and Will received further training from Sonny Chin!

After my session i had a yarn to Tonia Waugh about health & how good food is necessary to develop a fullness of health!

Great start to the day!

Its April already!

3rd: (6)
I have been doing some manual labour at Columba School in preparation for their School Fair tomorrow & i have met several people!

I met Ian who is the school caretaker
I met Brett who is his assistant
I met Sam who is a university student
I met Will who is a marketing consultant & part of a very new company involved in tracing the origin of food - apparently food has its own unique 'finger-print'
I met Michael & his son Cameron: Michael is a farmer from Hamden

6th: (3)
Today i met two people associated with the funding raising committee at Columba College - Jennifer, who is the brains & organisational genius behind the committee & Mandy one of the committee members!

Meet Chanel who is one of the managers of a cocktail bar in Dunedin - the Bar is called Carousel. We had a talk about possible employment as a Doorman

Also met Winiata, Dan & Tom who are all bartenders at Carousel - all three are at Otago University. Winiata spent 10 years in the UK before returning here to Dunedin. Tom is a Law Student &Dan is a management student.

13th: (2)
Met Krishna & Adam while i was working on the door at Carousel!

27th (1)
Meet Kunal a young man from Auckland - here studying at the Polytechnic - seems to have a lot of talent!

Met Krishnal - new doorman at Bath Street club. Tall & keen at his job!

Met Rob & Zane - doorstaff at Metro
- Rob is studying Civil Engineering at Polytech & has a keen interest in Geology & Hydrology. I believe he hails from Napier. Once he finishes at Poly he is heading over to Australia to pursue a Geology degree!

- Zane is always wondering over to my door to offer me drinks - friendly guy! easy to get on with!

6th: Today is met Jacob who originally hails from Zambia! Met him in the gym - i have seen him there a couple times & we had nodded to each other, but today we stopped, talked & met each other. He is at University studying for a Social Science degree at Otago University

9th/10th: (5)
Over the course of 2 nights whilst at work I met 5 people! Crazy night!
- Dan who is in his final year of a law/commerce degree - smooth young man!
- Renee' who has a Masters degree from Otago University
- Sarah who is currently pursuing a Post graduate diploma in teaching - history & english
- Julian who was in the middle of his 21st who comes often to the bar. Takes off and leaves his brother behind!
- shane who has just returned from a stint overseas with the army! Paid me a compliment!

Here we go -
- i was relaxing after my shift at the Carousel Bar with my glass of OJ - when a young lady sauntered over to me for a yarn. Her name was Laura, a 3rd year Law student at Otago university. As it turns out, she also knew Dan, Renee & Sarah whom i met last week!

- i also met a young man from Hokianga who is currently studying for a Social Science degree - his name is Ruka

- I met Melissa a Law grad who was out for dinner & drinks with her family (not a happy ending to her night!)

Last night i met a few more people at work!
- JD - a young guy full of testosterone who is off to Brazil in November this year for his "tour of duty" - he is a fan of jiu jitsu!

More people i met in May
- Eric: from Fiji - i met him at the Universtiy Gym - big guy!!
- Ngaone: i met her at Carousel where i work - she is around 22, born and bred in Dunedin!
- James: Well, what can i say - i met him at the bar where i work - it was his stag party - along with 25 others!!
- Lauren: the travel agent who prepared my quotes for the Wisconsin Trip!!
- Shanon: who is another travel agent i have been dealing with!!

Ano ra
24retoa (Hauiti)

- naaku noa -

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