Thursday, June 4, 2009

GOAL 54: Deliver a paper/workshop at a mapping/GIS conference (1/1)

Kia ora ano tatou!

I am attending the Indigenous Mapping Conference in Green Bay, Wisconsin from June 13 - June 16th!

Here is the agenda:

I speak on Monday 15 June

naaku noa
24retoa (Hauiti)

Ra Mere 19 Matariki
On Monday 15 following the opening ceremony, i gave my presentation at the Indigenous Mapping Conference:

Topic: Mapping the heavens and the earth: Spatial Technology & the Maori Worldview

I broke my presentation down into 4 sections
  1. Kaupapa Maori Rangahau
  2. Maori Worldview
  3. Mapping Moteatea
  4. Mapping oral traditions
Spoke fluidly for around 1.5 hours, then took questions!!

Naaku noa

Update #2

Friday 19th Matariki
I spoke at the Menominee Reservation along with Mal Ridges. We were treated to a tour of their Forest, their Timber Mill & their Logging Museum where we spoke. I adjusted my original presentation adding more visuals which really gave me alot more opportunity to adlib - had a great time on the res!!

Naaku noa

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