Tuesday, March 24, 2009

21. Credit Card Debt - - > ZERO!

GOAL 21: Get my Credit Card to ZERO within 6 months!

Why is this tough?
Couple of reasons:
  • Still waiting on a contract to bring in an income - been waiting since beginning of the year (dealing with a crown agency - a little slow!)
  • Breakdown in 'communication' regarding my financial circumstances since the beginning of the year
That said: No point in moaning about it so I am looking at alternatives to bring in an income
  • Forex Market (getting a street-smart education - at light-speed!!)
  • Part-time job 2 nights per week, 8 hours per night!
  • working out how CLICKBANK might turn into another stream of income
  • Scanning through Social Networking sites for ideas & programs
BUT: anyday above ground is a good day!!

Friday 27th Update
Just emerging from a BLACK HOLE!! a DARK CLOUD!!

All good - lost my way for a bit there! - - > My Credit Card Debt shot up to just above $2300 the other day - sent me into a spin!!

But today is a different story!

The LATEST: - - > -$2000

YUP down to - $2000!!!

Things are look a lot brighter!!

Update: 19 November 2009
Funny thing happened before i left to over to Wisconsin for the Indigenous Mapping Network Conference, the BNZ gave me a VISA card with $500 and upgraded my OVERDRAFT limit to $2000!

Back to the CREDIT CARD - i am at zero for both my MASTER-CARD and VISA CARD!!

-- naaku noa --

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